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Samsung Q1 Powerbank Extended Battery

September 15th, 2009
Powerbank Extended Battery

Powerbank Extended Battery

Samsung Q1 and Q1 ULTRA Powerbank Extended Battery

Gives approximately an extra 9 hours survey or working time

Also acts as a charger for the onboard battery and fits neatly into your pocket while surveying.

Samsung exemplifies technological determination and progressive ideals. From technology to business to the philanthropy, Samsung has become a world leader for which the possibilities are truly endless.

Samsung Q1 Powerbank Extended Battery

Product Line Samsung Power Bank Extended Battery Pack

A fantastic add on to your Mobile Surveying Solution, giving up to 9 hours extra surveying time on site. Can also be used to power your Q1 and Q1 ULTRA for playing DVD’s and general computing works.

These batteries are traditionally very hard to get hold of for some reason, but we found that Mobile CAD Surveying have them in stock most of the time and if they are not in stcok can usually get hold of them within about 7 days.

Samsung Q1 Powerbank Extended Battery

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