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New product to help homeowners with a conservatory

May 18th, 2010


Homeowners who have had a conservatory built in their gardens may be interested to hear of new merchandise designed to make decorating their extra room easier.

Apropos has created a product called the Room Renovator, which contains cushions, a picture frame, a throw, candles and centrepieces for a table.

A spokesperson from the firm remarked: “Whether your home is a house or a castle, if you own a hotel or a guesthouse, Room Renovator is ideal as an immediate, inexpensive way to revamp your living space.”

The company also noted the creation would make an ideal housewarming present or a wedding gift.

Goods in the box come with added touches like metallic thread woven into the throw and the cushions come encrusted with decorations such as beads.

DIY expert Andrew Bernard recently suggested that people can save cash if they carry out their own home improvements rather than getting a professional in.

He said residents can save up to £140 a day by doing their own jobs.

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