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Interior design ‘is becoming personalised’

April 26th, 2012

Personalisation is becoming more commonplace in interior design, according to Dulux colour and design manager Rebecca Thompson, who claimed members of the public “want to be putting their own stamp on the place”.

People who are engaged with decorating are using colours instead of blank canvasses, with red “filtering down from fashion” and reaching the mainstream, the specialist remarked.

The psychological effect particular tones have is “personal and incredibly subjective”, which makes it a “difficult thing to ground”, she declared.

However, certain hues can alter an individual’s mood and result in an emotive impact, the expert continued.

A Chartered psychologist Dr David Lewis recently claimed subdued tones such as brown, green and earthy colours can assist in comfort and relaxation, while red can create a sense of excitement.

Ms Thompson claimed Dulux is currently encouraging men and women to refresh their home decor in an uplifting and emotional way.

This “affects any space you create and how you would interact in it”, the representative pointed out.

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