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Sitemaster Building Software v5 Released

January 12th, 2011 Comments off

logowhitebackground-smallSitemaster Building v5.0 Launched with additional features.

Last week Mobile CAD Surveying announced the release of Sitemaster Building v5.0 with additional features. Sitemaster is their award winning mobile surveying solution software from the well known Graebert stable.

For those already familiar with Sitemaster Building, you will be aware that producing the CAD drawings ‘on site’ in ‘real time’  is the future of surveying and Measured Building Surveying,  in fact, isn’t it amazing to think that just five or six years ago virtually all surveyors took pencil and pad, tape measure or possibly a laser measuring device out into the field and spent several hours measuring up sites, buildings and all related detail before returning to the office to redraw the detail into their CAD package.

Now we have, NO more return visits to site due to blunt pencils and inaccurate paper documentation, NO guesswork, NO wrong data documentation NO sagging tape measures

Additional features include:-

* Support of the Windows 7 operating system

* Support of the Leica Disto D8 and D3A BT laser distance meters

* New Room Depth option….When creating door openings, you can not only measure the lengths of the wall right-hand and left-hand to the opening in the next room but also in one operation the depth of the room. Thus, the shape of a rectangular room can be generated immediately in the drawing. This will vastly speed up production of lower tolerance drawings…EPC for instance.

* New Building Services Library….The Symbols area of the program now additionally provides a Library for Building Services which allows you to insert blocks for electrical power supplies, water supplies, and equipment such as boilers or extractors, into your floor plans.

* New Dimensioned Symbols command… the Symbols area lets you now add a dimension line with a Symbol on it. You can quickly add to your site measurement plans, measured from one end point of a wall in the classic SiteMaster style. This feature is intended to be used especially to collect building services information (for example for kitchen planning), but basically can be used with any other symbol of the built-in or customized symbol library.

* Door and Windows can now be placed into any wall. These can be openings which cover the entire length of a wall (in fact replacing the wall), or openings which have zero distance at one end of a wall.

* The WIDTH attribute of door and window openings with retainer always gets the smallest (clear) distance of the opening.

Why not download a FREE trial version now and see for yourself the future of mobile surveying solutions.

Mobile CAD Surveying Ltd the main and preferred Graebert dealer in the UK, supplying mobile surveying solutions Worldwide.

Coming soon! Sitemaster Building v6 – the next Generation of SiteMaster Optimized for Building Information Modelling (BIM)  Combines Mobile Deployment, 3D Building Measurement and Object Modelling into a Single Solution

Using the ARES Core Engine for AutoCAD Compatibility. To express an interest or to be kept up to date with developments use their contact form.

Sitemaster Building software

August 26th, 2010 Comments off

Sitemaster Building TS

Sitemaster Building

Sitemaster Building software the Professionals choice – The mobile solution for Professional Building Surveys and Fast CAD Drawings carried out On Site in Real Time. Draw fast and accurate walls (as single or double line), windows, doors and symbols rectangular and circular columns, recesses, ,chimneys, ducts, room areas, volumes, perimeters and much more.

For professional building surveys

The extensive features of SiteMaster Building are especially interesting for users that need to create and deliver professional Fast CAD drawings.

The layer management supports the combination of several floor plans in one single file. Heights of rooms, openings and symbols can be recorded and exported. Lasered distances are recorded in the background and saved on an extra layer for proofing purposes.

d8_with_tablet_pcSurvey Methodology
Surveys are conducted using a hand-held Laser Measure (Leica Disto A6, Leica Disto D8, Leica Disto D3aBT or a Hilti PD38) coupled via ‘Bluetooth’ technology to a hand-held microcomputer a Viliv X70 tablet.

This approach, which produces the CAD drawing during the survey process, allows us to establish and accurately check all building dimensions while on site. Significant improvements in survey quality are gained using this equipment when compared with traditional survey methods.

Check measurements are taken to ensure accuracy Gone are the days where two men would hold a sagging tape measure from one end of the room to the other, that old method is history! There are NO more return visits to site due to blunt pencils and inaccurate paper documentation, NO guesswork, NO wrong data documentation NO sagging tape measures.

Click here to book a FREE demonstration

Download a FREE trial of Sitemaster Building

Sitemaster Building screenshots

Ever Surveyed a Castle?

June 3rd, 2010 Comments off

sdc10683aNo? well we have, just done one this week, not a big one but 5 or 6 circular turrents an octagonal turret a few staircases, gothic windows and many unique features, set in lovely grounds in the East Midlands.

Check out our site for all your Floor Plan, Elevational & Sectional CAD drawings and Measured Building Survey requirements.

Floor plans of all types of buildings and for all purposes, including:-

Public Houses
Leisure facilities
Health Care and Hospitals
Domestic Houses
Shops and Stores
Stock Condition Surveys
Apartments and Flats
Lease Plans – Commercial / Domestic Premises
Local Authority Buildings
Military Sites
Reflective Ceiling and Roof Plans
Commercial Kitchens and Plant Rooms
Commercial Energy Assessments (NDEPC)
and many more….

Other CAD Services

  • 2D CAD Conversion from hard copy sketches or Pdf Formats
  • 2D CAD Drafting and design
  • 3D Modelling
  • DWG & DWN Drawing Conversions
  • Block Compilation
  • Drawing & Document Management
  • Visualisations from survey
  • Space Management Plans
  • Drawing Clean Ups

Fast CAD Drawings

May 11th, 2010 Comments off

Measured Building Surveys – Floor Plans – Elevational or Sectional Drawings – ‘As Built’ Plans – Fast CAD Drawings & CAD Services

Floor Plans

Floor Plans

Measured Surveys – Floor Plans

We can provide Floor plans with varying levels of detail – from simple walls, columns, doors and window surveys, to a fully detailed data set including all 3D information (sill & head heights, stair riser and going details, door heights, ceiling heights, beam details etc.). As part of our measured surveys, the surveyors can also pick up and highlight other information such as any electrical and data points, sanitary fittings, incoming mains positions, plant, fire fighting and detection equipment, security equipment and signage.

Measured Drawings CheckMany times, plans exist but their accuracy is in doubt or change management has been poor, we can carry out a  check survey, this can be a very cost effective way to bring the existing plans up to date.From yours or your clients existing drawings, we are able to compare distances on the drawing with dimensions taken on site and produce a report indicating where any inaccuracies lie. Mobile CAD Surveying can report on percentage variation between existing drawing and situation on the ground as well as any changes in the buildings layout.

*  Measured Building Surveys
*  Energy Assessment Drawings
*  Floor plans and elevations
*  Lease plans/ Land Registry Compliant plans
*  Drawing Validation Surveys
*  Licensing Plans
*  Check existing drawings
*  Land Surveys and Topographical Surveys

A good CAD drawing, deriving from a good survey, will be put to a host of other uses and as such, will become a valuable commodity that pays for itself in no time.

Floor Plans – Measured Building Surveys – CAD Drawings

October 1st, 2009 3 comments

Elevational Drawings

Elevational Drawings

Measured Buiiding Surveys

We offer four main types of Measured Building Survey and we are also able to provide floor plans for EPC customers,
either domestic or commercial, our Check or Basic Building Survey will usually suffice for EPC customers. (see more below)

We are also able to carry out any types of survey for our customers even if it is is completely different to our standard chart.
Please enquire using the Request a Quotation form or email us your requirements.

To Request a Quotaion, please choose what type of survey you require and complete the form here for a quotation:-

Types of Measured Building Survey pdf

Our four Standard Types of Measured Building Surveys are:-

  • Check Survey,
  • Basic Building Survey,
  • Standard Building Survey
  • Premier Building Survey
A few of the usual reasons for Surveys and Floor Plans

  • Measured Building Surveys
  • Energy Assessment Drawings
  • Floor plans and elevations
  • Drawing Validation Surveys
  • Check existing drawings
  • Lease and Landlords plans
  • Homeowners plans / Residential floorplans
  • Homebuyer reports & surveys
  • Office floor plans
  • Sample floor plans
  • Area calculations
  • ‘As Built’
  • Land Surveys and Topographical Surveys
  • Land Registry compliant plans
  • Asbestos surveys
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Build plans
  • Utility Surveying

See more here

From the 1st October 2008 all commercial buildings over 50m² now require a
Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificate
(NDEPC). The purpose of the NDEPC is to assess a buildings’
CO2 emissions in line with the requirements of Building Regulations (Part L).

Buildings account for almost half of the energy consumption and carbon emissions in the UK. The heating and hot water used in your
building can amount to half of all your energy costs.

Sitemaster Building software is now being used extensively to produce fast and accurate floor plans to
assist Commercial Energy Assessment companies in the production of the new certificates.

Floor Plans

Data Collection (EPC)

We are also able to carry out the data collection element of your EPC survey should you require this, please send your requirements and we
will be happy to quote for you.

Topgraphical Surveys

We are also able to provide full Topographical surveys for clients, please email us with your requirements.