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CAD Pioneer Graebert GmbH Announces ARES

February 9th, 2010 Comments off

CAD Pioneer Graebert GmbH Announces ARES, The First Native CAD Solution For All 3 Major Operating Systems & Mobile

Based on 5 Years of Development, ARES Combines Exceptional Performance with AutoCAD Compatibility, Easy-to-Navigate UI, Full Customization and Native Availability on Windows, Mac & Linux for below $500

Graebert™ GmbH (Berlin) – one of the pioneering companies in high-performance CAD solutions for desktop and mobile devices – today announced ARES™, the industry’s first native cross-platform CAD solution.  ARES provides both industry compatibility and the highest-performance features and capabilities for mission-critical design workflow.  Details may be found at Mobile CAD Surveying Ltd

ARES uses a common design interface and is the first CAD solution to run natively across Microsoft® Windows®, Apple® Mac® OS X and Linux®, while also being optimized for specific operating system features and capabilities.   ARES also includes innovative and powerful features such as built-in VoiceNotes for created files, 3D modeling support via the latest ACIS libraries and more.

Upcoming versions of ARES will be available for Microsoft Windows Mobile® devices – both Apple iPad® and the Google® Android® operating system are under active evaluation for porting as well.  ARES will be initially available in 13 languages from the entire worldwide network of Graebert distributors and partners, as well as select OEMs.

ARES development has focused on a number of core benchmarks, with performance being a leading criterion: ARES is typically 3-5X faster in operations such as open and save than other CAD packages on any platform.  With more than a year of intensive beta testing by more than 100 major corporations and leading CAD users, ARES is the end-result of more than 250 man-years of development (5 calendar years) from Graebert, one of the pioneers in CAD software development since 1983.

Graebert is well known internationally for leading mobile CAD solutions such as SiteMaster™ as well as having more than 500,000 estimated users of PowerCAD™, its previous-generation CAD product.  The company has more than 50 active VARs and OEMs on six continents, and is working with these and new partners to distribute ARES worldwide.

“Several Fortune® 500 companies have been using ARES as part of our intensive beta test – to them, ARES really does represent the next-generation of CAD solution,” said Wilfried Graebert, Founder and CEO of Graebert, GmbH.  “Using ARES, they have been able to create designs in far less time than with competitive solutions – the feedback has been identical – ARES is an impressive product that lived up to their demanding expectations.”

Key features of ARES include:

• DWG native format – Graebert is a founding member of the Open Design Alliance and sits on the Board of Directors.  ARES supports DWG Import (2.x -> 2009), Export (12->2009) and DWG 2009 Native format (DWG 2010 support coming in 2nd Quarter, 2010)

• AutoCAD-compatible command line and scripts

• More than 400 new commands

• Drawing recovery

• Latest ACIS 3D modeling support

• I/O Support for DWG 2.5 -> 2009, DWF, SAT, WMF, SLD, ESRI & SHP

• Exceptional print capabilities, including PDF, Raster & SVG

• UI optimized for each native operating system as well as an XML-based, fully customizable UI with a built-in designer

• Widest range of programming I/O support, including Lisp, C, Delphi, COM, .net (C#,, C++ and VSTA

Pricing and availability:

ARES will ship in two different price configurations – ARES ($495) and ARES Commander Edition ($995).  The two products are identical with the exception of programmability and 3D support, which are found only in ARES Commander Edition.  Both ARES and ARES Commander Edition for Microsoft Windows are available immediately as trial downloads from – the Mac and Linux versions are currently part of a closed Beta process (request an invite at and are expected to ship in the 2nd quarter of 2010.

About Graebert:

Paralleling the rise of the personal computer, Graebert GmbH (Berlin) has more than 30 years expertise in delivering high-performance, affordable solutions for both the PC and mobile CAD markets.  Graebert’s award-winning products are fully compliant with industry standards and have been mission-critical for customers ranging from the largest Fortune® 500 companies to individual architects.

In 1999, Graebert GmbH recognized the need for professional CAD in the growing market of mobile devices and developed PowerCAD CE, the first professional and fully functional 2D and 3D CAD System for Windows CE™. The company’s award-winning SiteMaster™ solution has measured thousands of public and private facilities throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

For more information please contact Mobile CAD Surveying Ltd +44 (0) 844 567 2609 the leading provider of Mobile CAD Solutions in the UK.

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Unveiling a new DWG-compatible CAD engine: ARES

July 20th, 2009 2 comments
DWG-compatible CAD engine: ARES

The NEW DWG-compatible CAD engine: ARES

Robert Gräbert, CTO at Graebert GmbH, last week participated as a speaker at the OpenDesign Alliance World Conference in Leiden, The Netherlands.

The Open Design Alliance is a non-profit membership-based consortium of software companies, developers and users committed to promoting the open exchange of CAD data now and in the future. In addition to setting standards for CAD data formats, the ODA also focuses on the practical matter of developing software libraries of exceptional quality that enable ODA members to develop applications capable of reading and writing the popular DWG and DGN CAD file formats.

More than just speaking about the enrichment that mobile CAD is in daily work today, Robert Graebert proudly talked about the new CAD engine named ARES. A pre-release of ARES Commander Edition, part of a whole new Product Range, was presented live in front of the CAD industries’ top companies and the response so far was overwhelming. Over the last year more than 500 user have tested ARES under the code name ARGON, that Graebert GmbH has nowadays spent more than 5 years of development on. ARES will be released soon to the public and be available for purchase.

Here is what Ralph Grabowski wrote about ARES in his well-known CAD-Blog

In case you want to read through our ODA presentation and check out the speed comparison with other CAD engines available on the market, please don’t hesitate to write us an email. If you want to exclusively test ARES write an email as well.

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