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Record Breaking Results with Fast Turn around Measured Surveys

November 23rd, 2015 Comments off

trinity squareMobile CAD Surveying the measured building specialists were recently asked to provide floor plans and elevational drawings of a large office building in Hounslow, c.113,000sq ft. They turned round their quote and started on site within 7 days, completing the full survey just over a week later. Most projects are a rush these days, but they didn’t realise that Galliard Homes, the developer was ready to launch and market the site immediately even though completion was still two years away. It turns out that they were very successful and sold all 228 apartments within 3 hours of the doors opening. Mobile CAD Surveying Solutions are proud to be associated with this development and happy that their efforts to turn the project around so fast helped the client achieve record breaking results.

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Fast CAD Drawings

May 11th, 2010 Comments off

Measured Building Surveys – Floor Plans – Elevational or Sectional Drawings – ‘As Built’ Plans – Fast CAD Drawings & CAD Services

Floor Plans

Floor Plans

Measured Surveys – Floor Plans

We can provide Floor plans with varying levels of detail – from simple walls, columns, doors and window surveys, to a fully detailed data set including all 3D information (sill & head heights, stair riser and going details, door heights, ceiling heights, beam details etc.). As part of our measured surveys, the surveyors can also pick up and highlight other information such as any electrical and data points, sanitary fittings, incoming mains positions, plant, fire fighting and detection equipment, security equipment and signage.

Measured Drawings CheckMany times, plans exist but their accuracy is in doubt or change management has been poor, we can carry out a  check survey, this can be a very cost effective way to bring the existing plans up to date.From yours or your clients existing drawings, we are able to compare distances on the drawing with dimensions taken on site and produce a report indicating where any inaccuracies lie. Mobile CAD Surveying can report on percentage variation between existing drawing and situation on the ground as well as any changes in the buildings layout.

*  Measured Building Surveys
*  Energy Assessment Drawings
*  Floor plans and elevations
*  Lease plans/ Land Registry Compliant plans
*  Drawing Validation Surveys
*  Licensing Plans
*  Check existing drawings
*  Land Surveys and Topographical Surveys

A good CAD drawing, deriving from a good survey, will be put to a host of other uses and as such, will become a valuable commodity that pays for itself in no time.