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Measured Building Surveys – Fast Turnaround

February 20th, 2012 2 comments

Mobile CAD Surveys can accommodate either a simple single property floor plan to a complete schedule of buildings with all types of data collection. So if you need any type of Measured Building Survey then please contact us.


We can provide Floor plans,  Elevational drawings, or a Topographical survey and all types of Measured Building Survey with varying levels of detailed work – from simple walls, columns, doors and window surveys, to a fully detailed data set including all 3D information including cill & head heights, stair riser and going details, door heights, ceiling heights, beam details, fitted furniture etc.. As part of our measured surveys, the surveyors can also pick up and highlight other information for example: any electrical and data points, sanitary fittings, incoming mains positions, plant, fire fighting and detection equipment, security equipment, signage and so on.


An accurate  topographical survey or land survey is essential to any project that you are considering and can lessen the possibility of costly mistakes or unforeseen issues later on.  The amount and type of topographical survey data that we collect on site is always based on your specification. However, our experienced land surveyors will use their knowledge of planning and development issues and requirements to provide additional information that might be vital for any future design or planning application. We are also able to gather information from any utility companies which can be added to your topographical survey drawings..

Photogrammetry services:-

  • The photographs may be archived for future use.
  • The photographs may be used either for monitoring or for the generation of data.
  • The technique is non-intrusive.
  • The technique is ideal for recording detail of a complex nature (see illustrations below)
  • A high level of accuracy is achievable.
  • The use of digital data ensures total flexibility.
  • The level of detail to be extracted may be determined either by the client or the photogrammetrist.
  • It is cost-effective.


We can also provide other additional land surveying services that you may require, for example; underground services tracing ( UPR – Underground Penetrating Radar) and 3D laser scanning enable us to provide you with a one-stop-shop for your surveying requirements.


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Mobile CAD Surveys


Photogrammetry Services

August 18th, 2011 Comments off


The well known Mobile Surveying Solution provider and Measured Survey experts are now offering quite a unique service with their new Photogrammetry Service and Photogrammetry Surveys.

Photogrammetry is the practice of obtaining information about physical objects through the process of recording, measuring, and interpreting photographic images. It is most commonly associated with the production of topographic maps through aerial survey, although in recent years it has been increasingly used in such diverse applications as architecture, archaeology, engineering, geology, underwater, and forensic work amongst others. In fact it may be used any situation that requires the generation of accurate three-dimensional data or precise drawings, and is ideally suited to the survey and measurement of buildings and monuments. in any situation that requires the generation of accurate three-dimensional data or precise drawings, and is ideally suited to the survey and measurement of buildings and monuments.

To read more visit: Photogrammetry Services and Example Drawings