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Sitemaster ‘How to’ Videos and Tutorials released

May 26th, 2011 Comments off
Sitemaster Building Videos & Tutorials
by The UK’s leading provider of Mobile Surveying Solutions
We have been asked many times for videos and tutorials on the Award winning Sitemaster Building software, so recently we decided to do something about it. We have now created the first eight tutorials and will add more as our customers reequest them.

Sitemaster Building Videos & Tutorials

by The UK’s leading provider of Mobile Surveying Solutions

We have been asked many times for videos and tutorials on the Award winning Sitemaster Building software, so recently we decided to do something about it. We have now created the first eight tutorials and will add more as our customers request them.

To view the Tutorials and lots more FREE information on their Award winning Sitemaster Building software

Tutorial  1 –  Draw Basic rooms, insert doors, windows and chimney breasts

Tutorial 2 How to insert windows with retainers

Tutorial 3 How to insert doors with retainers

Tutorial 4 How to use the staircase command

Tutorial 5 Create and edit layers

Tutorial 6 How to create a floating tool bar and edit the Tool Bar icon sizes

Tutorial 7 Export Room and Symbol data

Tutorial 8 Triangulation – how to use the triangulation features

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Sitemaster Training Day

October 5th, 2009 5 comments

Sitemaster Training Day

Sitemaster Training Day

SiteMaster Building –Training Day Mobile CAD Software
Learn How To measure and draw with professional results using Laser Measures and/or Total Stations

To measure and draw with professional results is no longer limited to professional surveyors, it is now open to architects,
engineers, estate agents, facility managers, craftsmen, interior decorators, interior designers and many others.
SiteMaster Building  does not require any special knowledge of CAD or surveying.

We are happy to provide Full ‘On Site/Office’ training of the Graebert Sitemaster Building software programme and its
features as part of an overall package or as a ‘stand alone’ product following your purchase of a kit or for those who
would like to see the power of this software prior to purchase.

We advise the training is best carried out either in your office or on one of your own ‘Live’ projects, that way you actually
get paid for carrying out the survey and learn at the same time. eg your customer pays your training costs.

The training fees will include all reasonable travel expenses to a location of your choice on the UK mainland and will walk
you through how to use the programme from the initial setup of the software through to surveying, measuring and
completed drawings produced  ‘on site’

We are also happy to give you some telephone support following the training until you are proficient with the programme.

A Few Key Points:

  • How to set up the software
  • Walk through of the CAD Icons
  • Start drawing basic rooms
  • Drawing rectangular and non-rectangular rooms
  • Tri Draw – very important as most buildings are not square.
  • Complex situations, such as drawing non-orthogonal rooms
  • Insert, doors, windows, openings etc including windows with reveals both square and splayed.
  • Insert chimneys, niches, recesses
  • Insert square and circular columns including triangulation for those not parallel with adjacent walls.
  • Adding dimensions
  • Hatching of walls etc
  • Adding symbols to your drawings and place them where you want them
  • Place radiators easily
  • Checking for mistakes on drawings and on screen thus avoiding mistakes and guaranteeing high quality.
  • Insert text blocks
  • Insert voice notes, photographs and videos into your drawings
  • Inspection – check for measured distances
  • Area, volume and perimeter calculations at the touch of a button
  • Export symbols, rooms, doors, windows etc into spreadsheet to create door, window, room, symbol schedules
    in seconds.
  • Floor management system and full layer support

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Virtual reality building site is a first for UK construction training

September 21st, 2009 1 comment
Building Site VR

Building Site VR

A group of Coventry construction workers have become the first employees in the UK to train on a virtual reality building site simulator.

Costing almost £9m, the ACT-UK Simulation Centre uses computer reality simulation to create a virtual construction site in exact detail, right down to fully-equipped site cabins like those found on any building site.

The pilot three-day training course for construction company Balfour Beatty was undertaken by 12 delegates.

Dariusz Mrugala, a 27-year-old Balfour Beatty sub-agent, said: “This is the best training I have ever had – I really enjoyed it. In the next 10 or 20 years this type of training will be standard in the industry.

“Normally you have people talking to you within a group exercise – I liked the fact that you are working on your own. I had never really thought before about the type of person that I am and that I can use my passion, imagination and power. The supervisors and actors showed me new ways to work and new ways to manage people.”

And Adam Parker, HR director for Balfour Beatty Construction Scottish and Southern, said: “This takes our development and training to a different level. Using VR enables us to put our trainee project managers in a live environment without exposing them to any risks. This kind of cutting-edge training also makes us a very attractive proposition for graduates looking to come into the industry.”

The course, which uses a combination of computer simulation and professional actors, has taken two years to develop and Balfour Beatty says it includes the latest in current practice.

To make the training experience as lifelike as possible, trainees have to deal with demanding site management scenarios – based on real-life situations – with site personnel, colleagues, and members of the public played by professional actors.

The centre, which is the second of its kind worldwide, includes a three-dimensional computer simulation of a construction project projected on to a 12-metre panoramic screen showing virtual reality simulations modeled using thousands of photographs from two actual construction sites: a housing development and a high-rise office block.

Trainees use a computer joystick to tour the virtual site and view the construction work in close-up and supervisors observe trainees’ behaviour via cameras and work with them to help identify and develop their talents and strengths.

The simulation concept is based on an idea from maritime simulation training and its designers say it shares similarities with the aviation simulators used to train airline pilots.