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SiteMaster Facade – Mobile CAD Software
Facade Survey with Total Stations
SiteMaster Facade – a Total Station solution

Facade Survey with Total Stations

SiteMaster Facade and Totalstation enables you to survey and draw complicated facades in a
very short time.

The software turns the collected measuring points, lines, circles, und rectangles into a 2D projection on-site.

Without spending hours back in the office, polishing the drawings views and projections are done on-site,
minimising errors.

The projection mode allows you a free definition of the projection levels. On that level all façade elements
will then be drawn and designed.

A lot of measuring time can be saved in the projection mode through the collection of the angles. By
collecting the angles the intersection points are identified automatically on the defined level.

You can even create the exact positioning points of the facade elements in 3D mode.

Further options of SiteMaster Facade

• Free positioning

• Free definition of the project level of the facade

• Generation of a 3D building model by assembling 2D views

• Copy functions of facade elements

• Stake-out of chosen plan points of a CAD drawing

• Graphical and numerical display of stake-out directions

• Import and Export of ASCII-files of the standpoints and point coordinates as well as the raw data of the surveys

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