Windfarm investment could help to create construction jobs

New construction jobs could be created throughout the UK if more money was pledged to the development of windfarm projects. The British Wind Energy Association (BWEA) has said that, so far, all investment in wind projects had come from private capital. “There has been no government investment involving windfarms, it is not subsidised in any way,” a BWEA spokesman said. “So what we need to understand is there is an appetite there amongst industry and private investors to deploy more wind energy.” The BWEA’s comments come after energy consultancy company TNEI launched a new software system which looks set to help companies in the design and construction of new windfarms. Read more: interserve administration A number of EU member states, including the UK, have signed up to the Renewable Energy Directive, which means that Britain will see an eight-fold increase in renewable energy consumption by 2020 from the current levels. It is hoped that 20 per cent of the UK’s energy will be generated from a renewable source in 11 years’ time.

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