The Pro Mark 500 GPS/GLONASS – RTK Solution

The Pro Mark 500
The Pro Mark 500
The winning combination The new ProMarkTM 500 offers GPS+GLONASS+20 years of field-proven Magellan technologies. Designed by our GNSS experts, this powerful survey solution delivers state-of-the art RTK features in a light, cable-free rover that gives you maximum mobility and flexibility in the field. Blade engine insures fast initialization, long-range accuracy, robust signal tracking, and secures future constellation evolutions. Magellan Technology In addition to the short time to fix, long-range RTK and solution reliability, ProMark 500 includes:
Patented multi-constellation signal processing RTK solution maintained if data link is dropped Interoperability with any vendor’s reference station using GPS+GLONASS L1/L2
All-in-one Flexibility ProMark 500 offers all-in-one communication capabilities. It is the most flexible GNSS surveying system available, offering multiple operating modes, configurations and communication modules (UHF, GSM/GPRS, EDGE) and protocols. Feature-rich Surveying Solution The ProMark 500 is available with a MobileMapperTM CX field terminal, a handheld sub-meter GPS receiver for additional work such as pre-survey and GIS data collection. The ProMark 500 offers extensive equipment interoperability via comprehensive suite of software tools:
FAST SurveyTM field software simplifies data collection and real-time operation.
GNSS SolutionsTM office software provides powerful support to a wide range of applications, handling both real-time and post-processing data within the same project.
Real Time Data Server Software (RTDS) is a new software offering land surveying companies the possibility of using GNSS equipment to build their own direct IP RTK corrections server.
The ProMark 500 innovative design, comprehensive user interface and wide range of communications will empower you to extend your survey horizons. Combined with the new FAST Survey field software on MobileMapper CX data controller, plus the highly regarded GNSS Solutions office software, the ProMark 500 system is the unique result of GPS+GLONASS+MAGELLAN.

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