microEXPLORERâ„¢ Digital Inspection Camera

microEXPLORER Digital Inspection Camera
microEXPLORER Digital Inspection Camera

The new RIDGID® microEXPLORER™ Digital Inspection Camera is a powerful, handheld, video inspection system that’s portable enough to be carried anywhere. This completely digital platform allows you to perform and record detailed visual inspections of hard to reach areas. The microEXPLORER Digital Inspection Camera allows you to offer more services and provides you the tools you need to detect and diagnose the unreachable.

Also comes with a 9.5mm head, ideal for cavity wall inspections. The new RIGID® 9.5mm diameter camera head allows you to perform detailed visual inspections in the most confined areas. Its super bright LED high resolution camera provides crystal clear images and its sleek, aluminium construction allows it to be used in the most demanding applications

Compatible with the RIGID® SeeSnake micro and the RIGID® microExplorer
Recommended for up close visual inspections in confined areas. Perfect for engine cylinders, pumps and small part inspection

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