The Otterbox 1990 Rugged Holster for Samsung Q1 ULTRA Tablet

Otterbox 1990 Rugged Holster
Otterbox 1990 Rugged Holster
The OtterBox 1990 Rugged Holster (complete with 2 pairs of straps/harnesses)  for Samsung Q1U and Q1UP models is the most innovative UMPC case on the market. All I/O ports, navigation keys and the camera/webcam are fully accessible right through the case. With 3 layers of protection, peace of mind will be yours.

This case offers bump, drop and scratch protection. This OtterBox fits Samsung Ultra Mobile PC models that have Q1U or Q1UP as the prefix in the model name ONLY.

Compatability/Features: This case was designed to protect any Samsung Ultra Mobile PC with either Q1U or Q1UP as the prefix in the model name. This includes the Q1UP-XP, Q1U-CMXP, Q1U-SSDXP, Q1U-XP, Q1U-EL and the Q1U-ELXP
  • First, thermal formed protective clear membrane that protects against scratching, as well as dust and water intrusion.
  • Second, a hi-impact Polycarbonate shell.
  • Lastly, a 1/8″ Silicone skin to absorb bump and shock.
Samsung Q1 ULTRA
Samsung Q1 ULTRA
Samsung Q1 ULTRA for ultra mobile surveying. Survey, Measure, Draw on site in Real Time accurate floor plans.

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