Site crane crashes through Liverpool apartment block

Bowmer and Kirkland site crane crashes through Liverpool apartment block

A 200 foot crane at the Bowmer and Kirkland construction site crashed through the roof of an apartment block in Liverpool city centre earlier today, sparking a massive search and rescue operation, the Liverpool Echo reported.

The Royal Liverpool hospital was put on standby amid fears of casualties, the newspaper reported.

The man driving the 100 tonne crane was thrown from the cab on impact and  his condition at present is unknown

A number of residents are trapped inside the apartment block.

The crash happened at 12.05pm in Tabley Street, behind Park Lane, on the outskirts of the city centre.

Police, fire and ambulance crews were called to the scene. Merseyside Fire and Rescue service described it as a “major incident”.

A builder working on the Bowmer and Kirkland site told the Liverpool Echo: “We heard a massive rumble which sounded like a plane taking off or a clap of thunder and we all turned round and watched as the crane fell into the building.”

Maria Toolan, who lives in the apartment block opposite, said: “I heard a horrendous noise and ran to the balcony. I watched in horror as a massive red crane tumbled into the apartment block.

I was in complete shock as all I could think of is what if it had fallen the other way and landed on me.”

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