Unveiling a new DWG-compatible CAD engine: ARES

DWG-compatible CAD engine: ARES
The NEW DWG-compatible CAD engine: ARES

Robert Gräbert, CTO at Graebert GmbH, last week participated as a speaker at the OpenDesign Alliance World Conference in Leiden, The Netherlands.

The Open Design Alliance is a non-profit membership-based consortium of software companies, developers and users committed to promoting the open exchange of CAD data now and in the future. In addition to setting standards for CAD data formats, the ODA also focuses on the practical matter of developing software libraries of exceptional quality that enable ODA members to develop applications capable of reading and writing the popular DWG and DGN CAD file formats.

More than just speaking about the enrichment that mobile CAD is in daily work today, Robert Graebert proudly talked about the new CAD engine named ARES. A pre-release of ARES Commander Edition, part of a whole new Product Range, was presented live in front of the CAD industries’ top companies and the response so far was overwhelming. Over the last year more than 500 user have tested ARES under the code name ARGON, that Graebert GmbH has nowadays spent more than 5 years of development on. ARES will be released soon to the public and be available for purchase.

Here is what Ralph Grabowski wrote about ARES in his well-known CAD-Blog

In case you want to read through our ODA presentation and check out the speed comparison with other CAD engines available on the market, please don’t hesitate to write us an email. If you want to exclusively test ARES write an email as well.

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