Introducing to you the new Smart Rod system from QBL

Smart Rod System
Smart Rod System

The SmartRod is an innovative telescopic laser rod with a built-in (non-mechanical) digital measuring “tape” combined with a linear laser receiver. The advantage of a “linear” over a “regular” receiver is that the linear receiver can indicate the absolute distance (in mm) between the measuring point and the desired on-grade position. The rod will pick up a rotating laser between 99cm and 4.00m.

To find the lasers elevation, Press the “Measure” button. Then extend the rod until hearing a single *beep* (indicating, that it detects the laser beam) followed by a *double beep* (~1 second later) indicating that it has completed the reading. The keypad attached to the rod’s lower section will display two readings. The first shows the height of the rotating laser (the measurement from the bottom of the rod up to the laser reference). The second is a calculation relative to the first reference measurement or HI taken at a benchmark. This is shown as a – (cut) or + (fill) number.

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