25% of UK Construction Projects Achieving Goal to Halve Landfill Waste

About a quarter of construction projects in the United Kingdom are projected to comply with an government objective to cut the industry’s landfill waste in half.

The government’s Strategy For Sustainable Construction (PDF) was released in 2008, and the corresponding government construction industry council recently put out a progress report (PDF).

The report shows that the nearly $200 billion UK construction industry is making progress on new construction, but that existing buildings need to be revamped to help meet the government’s carbon-reduction goals, which include reducing emissions 80 percent by 2050, compared to a 1990 baseline.

The UK Green Building Council said the government is right to pressure the construction sector to help tackle climate change and other sustainability challenges, including use of water, production of waste and impact on biodiversity.

But Paul King, Chief Executive Officer of the group, said the industry needs more direction. “If we’re honest we don’t as an industry have a really clear idea of exactly how far we need to go to create a genuinely sustainable built environment, by when and how we’re going to get there,” King said, reports Property Magazine International.

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