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Floor Plans – Measured Building Surveys – CAD Drawings

October 1st, 2009

Elevational Drawings

Elevational Drawings

Measured Buiiding Surveys

We offer four main types of Measured Building Survey and we are also able to provide floor plans for EPC customers,
either domestic or commercial, our Check or Basic Building Survey will usually suffice for EPC customers. (see more below)

We are also able to carry out any types of survey for our customers even if it is is completely different to our standard chart.
Please enquire using the Request a Quotation form or email us your requirements.

To Request a Quotaion, please choose what type of survey you require and complete the form here for a quotation:-

Types of Measured Building Survey pdf

Our four Standard Types of Measured Building Surveys are:-

  • Check Survey,
  • Basic Building Survey,
  • Standard Building Survey
  • Premier Building Survey
A few of the usual reasons for Surveys and Floor Plans

  • Measured Building Surveys
  • Energy Assessment Drawings
  • Floor plans and elevations
  • Drawing Validation Surveys
  • Check existing drawings
  • Lease and Landlords plans
  • Homeowners plans / Residential floorplans
  • Homebuyer reports & surveys
  • Office floor plans
  • Sample floor plans
  • Area calculations
  • ‘As Built’
  • Land Surveys and Topographical Surveys
  • Land Registry compliant plans
  • Asbestos surveys
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Build plans
  • Utility Surveying

See more here

From the 1st October 2008 all commercial buildings over 50m² now require a
Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificate
(NDEPC). The purpose of the NDEPC is to assess a buildings’
CO2 emissions in line with the requirements of Building Regulations (Part L).

Buildings account for almost half of the energy consumption and carbon emissions in the UK. The heating and hot water used in your
building can amount to half of all your energy costs.

Sitemaster Building software is now being used extensively to produce fast and accurate floor plans to
assist Commercial Energy Assessment companies in the production of the new certificates.

Floor Plans

Data Collection (EPC)

We are also able to carry out the data collection element of your EPC survey should you require this, please send your requirements and we
will be happy to quote for you.

Topgraphical Surveys

We are also able to provide full Topographical surveys for clients, please email us with your requirements.

  1. David
    October 6th, 2009 at 10:16 | #1

    I wonder how much time this would save by using that floor plan software. Often I find that while my guys are working in buildings – where staff are still working – it can be difficult and frustrating to complete a job but I guess if this speeds the process up it could save on a few return visits to site??? Is there any limit to the size of jobs you could take on by using this method?

    I’d like to know more about how the software is used in relation to the Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificate (NDEPC).

  2. admin
    October 6th, 2009 at 11:32 | #2

    Hi David

    Thanks for your comments, there is really NO limit to the size of buildings and floor plans that can be drawn with the Sitemaster Software, in fact it has now been used on more than 100million square meters of Building Surveys in Europe alone over the last few years.

    It is also being used extensively for NDEPC’s as one of the first things a Commercial Energy Surveyor requires is accurate floor plans, but that is not all, the software is also very good at collecting data whilst on site carrying out the survey, another reason it is proving sop popular with Commercial Energy surveyors.

    Soon to be released though is a version of Sitemaster that will allow all the data input and drawings to be impiorted directly into the SBEM software, thus saving countless hours on duplication of work, this shoud be released very soon and will save CEA’s many many hours of work.


  3. A. Gilbert
    October 24th, 2009 at 21:59 | #3

    I recently employed Mobile CAD Surveying to carry out a bulding survey for me on a large Victorian house, they gave me a quote before taking on the job and a quotation based on the square metreage I gave them.

    The job was carried out on site in only one day, about a third of the time that the other surveying companies I went to needed, it meant I had a set of floor plan CAD drawings in 48 hours, about a quarter of the time everyone else needed. This enabled us to get on with the project much faster which was important. We have since found out that the floor plans given to us were in fact also much more accurate than we have ever had in the past and delivered much faster.

    On our next project, there is only one company we will be going to. Thanks to Mobile CAD Surveying Ltd, we have now seen how things can be done and would have no hesitation in using them in the future.

    Well done!

    A. Gilbert

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