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Access your data online, from anywhere with our Cloud Computing Products which include solutions for storing your documents, managing your property portfolio and running construction projects online.

Clouds UK products enable you to share only the information that users need to see with our sophisticated and flexible permissions system. Users benefit by having a simple view of the data they need; businesses benefit from strong security without sacrificing the advantages of online information sharing.

Cloud Computing means that you use secure websites to store your documents and run your business processes, rather than buying expensive and complicated servers. It’s fast becoming the standard way for businesses to manage their data.

Access your data from anywhere

Data is available online through a website, so all you need in order to access it is a computer (or a BlackBerry, iPhone, or PDA) with an internet connection.

Cloud computing is increasingly being used by companies who want to increase home working, increase efficiency by making it easier to work out of the office, or even do away with offices and work entirely online.

Having identified staff as their most expensive commodity, Cloud Computing reduces staff downtime by allowing them to continue working whilst waiting in an airport lounge, railway station or hotel room — places that they had previously been unable to work from.

Save money compared to traditional IT

Companies using Cloud technology are able to budget for a known, fixed cost for their IT requirements — no more surprise upgrade bills or license renewals. Customers get to use the best quality equipment and software which is continually upgraded in the Cloud, all for a single fee.

No more calling out expensive technicians or consultants to upgrade ageing computers or install complex new systems.

Secure your data

Traditional computing is insecure – few employees know about security best practices, and will happily keep data on USB sticks, email, their laptops, on CD-ROMs in their briefcases, etc.

With Clouds UK, your data is held centrally on a secure server guarded by high-quality firewalls and administered by professionals.

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