Hilti PD38 Laser Measure

Hilti PD38 Laser Measure
Hilti PD38 Laser Measure

We believe this to be the best laser measure on the market today.

Unrivalled worldwide. Forget what you know about warranties.

Hilti tools are built to take a lot of punishment. But even if a defect occurs,  Hilti will take care of it quickly and professionally, for up to
2 years completely free of charge. After that we put a limit on what a repair can cost – for as long as you keep on using your Hilti tool. Hilti give you a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects. That’s not just reassuring to know, it’s unique in the power tool business.
Used as the laser measure of choice for most surveyors using the Sitemaster Building software

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6 thoughts on “Hilti PD38 Laser Measure

  1. I agree! this is the best laser measure I have ever used! faster, more respoinsive and that side button makes it so much easier to hold and use in awkward locations. I also like the fact that it is easy to use outside due to its vision window.

    I use it for all my floor plan surveys with the Sitemaster software and also use it to draw up the garden plots on my schemes too.


  2. I like this one too, I used to have a Disto, but it was big, bulky and hard to hold and operate in one hand. I bought one of these a few months ago and wouldn’t be without it now. I love the fact the buttons are slightly recessed, much easier to use and of course like Greg says, the side operation button is a breeze.

    Tony W

  3. I set up on my own about 18 months ago in the US and I wanted a tool that was reliable and accurate. I looked at many of the distos, and bosch laser measures that are on the market, but in the end decided to buy the Hilti. It works great and I like the way I can send the measuremnents direct to my PDA via the Bluetooth connection. I wouldn’t be without it now and glad I went for this tool.

    Sarah P

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