FMB say Tory housing plans are an “act of faith”

Housing Plans
Housing Plans

Conservative plans to increase the number of new homes whilst simultaneously giving local people more say as to where and if these homes are to be built are an act of faith, the Federation of Master Builders has warned.

Conservative Shadow Housing Minister Grant Shapps announced the plans yesterday.

FMB director of external affairs Brian Berry said: “It is very encouraging that the Conservative Party acknowledges the need to build more homes and has come out as pro-development.

“But whether its proposed financial incentives to match pound for pound the Council Tax revenue on all new homes for a six year period will be sufficient to persuade local authorities of the need to build new homes in their area remains to be seen.”

He added: “There is the danger that the Conservative proposals in attempting to please everyone will end up pleasing no one.

“The simple fact is that this country needs more homes to tackle the current housing crisis and these homes need to be built somewhere. Giving more power to local communities to decide on housing policy may sound good but in practice may mean that in certain parts of the country fewer and not more homes will be built.”

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