FloodSax to the rescue in Cockermouth and Keswick


Twenty thousand flood defence and clean-up bags were distributed from Cockermouth and Keswick yesterday. The Floodsax are full of absorbent crystals that soak up water and work in a similar way to conventional sandbags, but are far lighter. They will help offer householders protection against any future risk of flooding and will also help in the clean up operation.

The free bags are being distributed to the public from Mitchell’s Lakeland Livestock Centre (the cattle market) in Cockermouth and from the car park at the rear of Keswick police station. Two articulated lorries, each containing 10,000 Floodsax will be distributed to local people from 9am onwards today.

Floodsax are available to buy in the UK from ConstructionStore.co.uk in boxes of Floodsax or 200 Floodsax (10 boxes).

Find them here

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