Positive future for UK construction jobs, report suggests

jobsA positive outlook has been forecast for construction recruitment in the UK.
Global Construction Perspectives has published a study, entitled Global Construction 2020, which predicts that the UK’s construction industry will become one of the strongest in Western Europe. According to the report, over the next decade the UK will secure its place in the top ten list of the world’s most successful construction markets. Company spokesman Mike Betts says  “The UK‘s construction market has suffered during the recession but will recover stronger than many of its Western European neighbours from 2011.” Researchers predicted that Britain will have to continue to face the brunt of the economic downturn until year-on-year growth returns in 2011. However, the UK construction industry will recover from the recession and will return as a stronger market than the likes of Italy and Spain, according to the study. The report analysed construction markets for 35 different countries, which accounts for 85 per cent of world GDP.

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