UK wave energy project moves forward

beachA joint venture of VolkerStevin Marine and Westminster Dredging has been named as preferred contractor for the design and construction of the Siadar Wave Energy Project on the Isle of Lewis.

The Siadar Wave Energy Project will use Voith Hydro Wavegen’s Oscillating Water Column technology and will produce about 8,000 MWh per year, based on an assumed capacity of 4 MW.

This is enough electricity to supply the average annual electricity needs of around 1,500 UK homes, equal to a fifth of all homes on Lewis and Harris, each year. This is based on the UK average domestic electricity consumption of about 4,700 kWh over the life of the project. This figure may change as average domestic consumption changes.

The team is currently undertaking a feasibility study looking at the construction design and viability, with the aim of fabrication works starting in 2010.

The near shore structure to house the wave-powered turbines will involve the construction of a concrete breakwater structure.

This will be built in sections, about 50-meter long, in a dry dock, before being floated out to the site and immersed on the prepared seabed.

Siadar will be the first commercial-scale scheme in the UK generating clean electricity created through wave energy.

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