Sitemaster Elevations – Price Increase

Sitemaster Elevations
Sitemaster Elevations

We have jusy been notified that after maintaining the price of the very popular Sitemaster Elevations software for the last 3-4 years, due to currency increases Mobile CAD Surveying and Graeberts are increasing the price of their leading software package Sitemaster Elevations – Photographic Elevational software from £395.00 to £450.00 from the 1st January 2010.

So if you have been contemplating purchasing this software in the near future it may well be worthwhile you placing your order prior to the New Year. We are told that any orders placed before January 1st 2010 will be sold at the old price, thus saving £55.00.

For more information, visit the UK‘s leading supplier of Graebert software Mobile CAD Surveying Ltd.

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