PolyLight illuminates stairs for partially sighted

PolyLight anti-slip illuminated inserts fit into standard Aluminium stair profiles, timber stairs and decking.

PolyLight, incorporating Light Tape, is the practical way of illuminating stair treads that can be seen when going both up and down the stairs.

PolyLight is available in a variety of sizes with 12mm illuminated strips for both indoor and outdoor stairs.

There are six grades of anti slip available in a variety of colours for both the anti slip insert and the Light Tape.

PolyLight’s connections are embedded in resin making the product waterproof for outdoor use.

Light Tape is less than 1mm thick and allows the PolyLight stair nosing insert to be produced with a profile the same thickness as traditional non-illuminated products.

Light Tape uses less than one tenth of the power and is one third of the price of Neon and Cold Cathode display lighting.

It is flexible, easier to install and maintain, reduces light pollution, produces no waste heat or infrared light, is fully recyclable, uses No Gas, No Glass and No Mercury.

The DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) has been updated to provide extra protection to the partially sighted, putting emphasis on both the illumination of stairs and making columns and pillars in public areas more visually apparent.

Light Tape can assist in both these areas with cost effective simple solutions.

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