Floor Plans – As Built Plans – Elevations and Sectional drawings

Measured Building Surveys.net provide all the Floor Plan services one could wish  for.  If you need a measured building survey or even several measured building surveys or a measured building surveyor,  you have come to the right place. If time is of the essence, or clients time constraints are limited on site, we can accomodate you. (Measured survey examples)

Whether your survey project is large or small, a single house plan of a few square metres up to thousands of square metres or several house plans. building plans or ‘As Built’ plans, we can meet your requirements. We have vast experience of Measured Building Surveys, floor plans and elevational drawings, everything from private homes and domestic premises, apartment blocks, and flats, to churches, embassies, supermarkets and shopping malls and have carried out measured survey programmes encompassing hundreds of properties.  A schedule can be drawn up to suit you!
Floor Plans can be for many different reasons, for more information and Measured Survey samples see our Measured Surveys page or Floor Plans and Elevational drawings pages, also see our Visuals and rendering work

Floor Plans
Floor Plans

Floor plans of all types of buildings and for all purposes, including:-

Public Houses
Leisure facilities
Health Care and Hospitals
Domestic Houses
Apartments and Flats
Lease Plans – Commercial Premises
Local Authority Buildings
Military Sites
Shops and Stores
Refelective Ceiling and Roof Plans
Commercial Kitchens and Plant Rooms
and many more…..

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