Invest in construction, CIOB tells Cameron

Construction Slowdown

Lobbying on spending begins as new prime minister moves into Number 10

The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) has called on the new coalition government to “build the UK’s future and invest in construction”.

After five days of political wrangling, it was finally announced that David Cameron was the new prime minister, with Nick Clegg taking on the role of his deputy in a Conservative/Lib Dem coalition.

Chris Blythe, the chief executive of the CIOB, urged the new government to push ahead with a sustained programme of national investment. Adding that the physical infrastructure of the UK “underpins the entire economic and social infrastructure”.

He added: “Investment in the built environment can spread the benefits of an economic stimulus to all parts of the UK. For every £1m spent on construction output £2.84 is generated in total economic activity, and 92p of every £1 spent on construction is retained in the UK.”

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