Viliv Tablets now available

x70ex-front01-large Mobile CAD Surveying have added the Viliv model tablets to their range of products. The Viliv X70 has been tested for sometime by them we are told with their award winning Sitemaster Building Software after the demise of the Q1 ULTRA that had been used for many years. A spokesman from the Company told us the Viliv X70 Premium and EX 3G models were “outstanding value and have proved their worth during long ongoing testing on live and real time surveys” “Over the next few days we hope to be adding more fromthe Viliv range to our product base” we were told. Some of the accesories already avaliable for this particular model are:- Accessories/Upgrades Standard with Windows XP Home – upgrades available to Windows 7 – Starter – Home – Pro Power adaptor Standard battery X70 EX Leather pouch Multi TV  Out Cable USB Cable VGA Out Cable X70 Car mount X70 EX Cigar Jack

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