Poorly insulated homes may be taxed?

efficiencyPlans to introduce a tax on homes that are poorly insulated may persuade people to purchase new-build properties, one expert has suggested. Founder of newhomesforsale.co.uk Vernon Pethard said the proposals may act as a “stick” rather than a “carrot” approach. “These measures may result in more people choosing new [homes] because in addition to being greener, new homes are more economical to own,” he added. Mr Pethard also noted increasing stamp duty in poorly insulated abodes could dissuade some Britons from buying old dwellings, as owners will not want to spend money trying to bring them up to the standards seen in today’s houses. The specialist’s comments follow reports by the Daily Mail the government is thinking about bring in stamp duty for those who have “energy-guzzling” lodgings, with inefficient boilers and draughty windows. It is hoped if the proposition becomes a reality it will help to reduce the UK‘s greenhouse gas emissions.

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