Homeowners given tips on maintaining wooden floors

flooring-hardwoodHomeowners with wooden floors can keep them looking good with regular cleaning and maintenance, one writer has suggested.

In an article in DIY Life, Mrs Fixit advises individuals sweep the floors regularly to get rid of dirt and debris, as if left they can have the same effect as sandpaper and will scratch the wood.

She also recommended fitting rugs and mats to areas where excess wear occurs, such as around doorways and stairs.

Another way Britons can protect their floorboards is by using pressure pads on the bottom of furniture, as this will stop dents or scratches when it is moved around.

According to Mrs Fixit, using vinegar and warm water will not only clean the boards, but will also give them a nice shine, whereas using soap can cause a build-up over time and result in a dull floor.

Head of design practice for Carolyn Park Interior Design Carolyn Park noted wood is still proving popular among DIY enthusiasts.

She explained not only is the material fashionable, but it is ecological too

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