10 Tips to Market Your Construction Company

10 Tips to Market Your Construction Company

1. Get a well designed, easily recognisable logo.

2. Have the logo on all company materials such as uniforms, letter heads, e-mails and company vehicles.

3. Get a website with including full company details, portfolio of previous work, all accreditations and testimonials from past clients. This is an easy way to show potential clients the capabilities of your company.

4. Use construction forums such as constructionforum.net these are a great way to meet people in the industry and circulate your company name.

5. Social networking. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter et al are all useful tools for networking and getting your company name out there. They are also useful for the promotion and SEO of your website.

6. Use flyers and distribute to the local area. Get a colourful, eye catching flyer designed with some good hi res images of work carried out and get them distributed to houses in the local area. Many people who are only half considering having work done may be swayed by a high quality flyer through the door.

7. Submit your details to a construction directory. There are a few out there and they are being favoured over conventional methods of finding construction companies (e.g. yellow pages) as much more information can be included, such as images of work carried out and customer reviews.

8. Give promotional tools to customers you do work for. Two good ones are fridge magnets and coffee mugs. Put the company details on and give them free to clients on completion of a job. They will stick it in their kitchen and it will provide advertising as well as being a thoughtful gift.

9. Market your website. The majority of people in the construction industry who have a website do not market it whatsoever. It is there to show people but a website can actually get people to ring you enquiring about services. It is worth paying a small amount for traffic that could lead to many new contracts. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click) are good ways to bring traffic to your website, which will convert into enquiries and new business.

10. Advertise in a specialist construction magazine. This is especially useful for domestic companies who are trying to break into the commercial sector. Magazines such as Pro Build UK are read by main contractors, architects and quantity surveyors all around the country and your company can be brought to their attention to try to gain some lucrative sub contractor work.

For more information on marketing your company visit www.probuildmarketing.co.uk

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