Government home building proposal ‘is a welcome step’

The announcement of a new house-building incentive is “welcome”, but full details need to be released as soon as possible, an industry expert has said.

Steve Turner, head of communications at the Home Builders Federation, stated local authorities need clear proposals from the government before they can make decisions on construction.

Housing minister Grant Shapps declared today (August 9th) local communities that build a greater number of homes will receive more funding to spend in their area on whatever they deem to be a priority.

The New Homes Bonus, which will be introduced early in the Spending Review period, aims to overturn the decline in the amount of houses being built.

“It is imperative that the government provides local authorities with full and complete proposals as soon as possible,” Mr Turner commented.

Authorities need to know when the incentive is going to start and exactly how it is going to work, he added, while he believes time will tell whether the proposals shall truly affect the number of homes that are built.

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