Sitemaster Elevations software

SiteMaster Elevation Photographic Facade Survey SiteMaster Elevation – surveying to precise exterior views Save Time and MoneyNow you can produce Elevational Drawings from Photographs Photographic Facade Survey
Sitemaster Elevations Screenshot
SiteMaster Elevation is an independent add-on for SiteMaster. You can benefit from photogrammetric procedures by determining detailed measurements from freehand digital photographs or scanned images. SiteMaster Elevation requires only one rectangle with two known side lengths for calibrating an image plan. The software lets you measure and draw a building in 2D with added height information on floors, openings etc. It saves the exact measurement results by redrawing the image with points, lines, rectangles, polylines, arcs and circles. SiteMaster Elevation transfers drawing elements with state-of-the-art technology to your CAD system, e.g. or SiteMaster Building. After completing your measurements you can generate a report list of all measurements and areas. The results can be exported in excel lists. Processing digital photographs of the building’s facade in SiteMaster Elevations allows you to enhance your project into a full 3D plan with precise exterior views. You can exchange drawing files between SiteMaster Elevation, SiteMaster (and other solutions) using the .FLX (PowerCAD) and .DXF file formats. Download a FREE trial of Sitemaster Elevations software Sitemaster Elevations screenshots

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