Women ‘eager to carry out DIY’

Females enjoy improving their homes and believe their creativity makes them good at doing so, a new survey has revealed. Research carried out by Bosch Power Tools found 78 per cent of female respondents said they like using power tools to carry out DIY. Furthermore, 48 per cent of women cited their creativity as an asset when it comes to making property improvements, while 72 per cent of people believe women to be good at such tasks because they are more patient than men. Chris Tidy, DIY expert at Bosch, said the gender gap in home adjustments is beginning to narrow. He described the survey results as “interesting”, because men are traditionally drawn to property maintenance as a means of showing their authority, whereas women seem to be using it to express their imagination. “Those who shy away from DIY should start off with a simple task such as putting up a shelf and let their creativity grow from there,” Mr Tidy suggested. A recent survey by Halifax found 62 per cent of homeowners would be willing to make structural changes to their next property, which is further evidence that implies a growing trend for carrying out home improvements.

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