Small home improvements ‘help protect against weather damage’

Now is a good time of year to take precautions against weather damage to properties, it has been suggested.

Malcolm Tarling, media relations officer for the Association of British Insurers, said this type of destruction to homes “is a serious problem”.

There are currently some five million houses in the UK that are vulnerable to flooding, he explained, making it a major issue for a growing number of homeowners.

But Britons can take steps to reduce the risk of weather-related wear and tear, Mr Tarling stated.

He remarked: “At this time of year good, common sense precautions, such as checking your guttering is clear [and] making sure your rooftop is secure, would certainly reduce the risk of damage from weather.”

Mr Tarling added it is particularly difficult to predict flood hazards in this country.

Earlier this month, research carried out by Lloyds TSB Insurance revealed one in eight people are affected by weather damage to their property, which has caused over £1 billion of destruction in the UK during the past year.

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