Eco-friendly home improvements ‘can pay-off’

Making some simple eco-friendly improvements at home can reap financial benefits, according to one homeowner.

Susan Carpenter spent two years working on her property in California to make it environmentally-friendly and found that some ideas worked better than others.

She explained that installing solar panels to her home has so far been of benefit as they have reduced her electricity bills and made her feel happy in the knowledge that she is reducing her carbon footprint.

Another success story for her was installing water barrels which capture the rainwater that falls on her home.

“The water they catch isn’t stored only for summer use. It can be drained in between rains to water nearby plants,” she explained.

Making a property kinder to the environment was recently noted by Matt Hunt, spokesperson for, as being a big trend now for homeowners as they seek to take some small steps into making their house better for the planet.

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