Nuclear Industry needs new graduate talent

The nuclear power industry looks set to become a growth area for graduate engineering jobs. A report launched last week by engineering alliance Engineering the Future (EtF), Nuclear Lessons Learned, found that a resurgence of nuclear power station building will require a highly skilled workforce at a time when experienced engineers in the field are dwindling. The report highlights the need for students to choose careers in nuclear energy.

New nuclear power stations are likely to play a key role in providing for the UK’s energy needs, with energy secretary Chris Huhne deciding last month that new builds were justified. Eight possible locations have been identified and the first power station should be built by 2018.

The last nuclear power station built in the UK, Sizewell B, was completed over 15 years ago and many experienced engineers are now approaching retirement. The Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) predicts that demand for skilled engineers in the energy sector will rise by 5% to 15% per year.

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