Large Pump Dehumidifier for Hire

large-pump-dehumidifier-for-hireThese units will pump 71l of water per day up to 12m away including 5m uphill and allows monitored timed drying. It works by drawing the air in from the room over a filter and passes it over some cold coils, similar to the coils on a fridge. As the coils are cold, air reaches dew point and water is collected in an internal reservoir and pumped to a drain or container up to 12m away. The air is then reheated to room temperature and blown back out of the dehumidifier.

Accessories available include RCD / extension lead and specialist drying attachments.

Typical applications include, but not limited to: Office, Retail, Leisure, School, Hotel, Industrial and Healthcare. The Large Pump Dehumidifier for Hire is available for hire from as little as £85.15 a week!

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