Task force launched to deliver green community infrastructure

A task force has been created to provide a legal framework for the construction industry to deliver sustainable community infrastructure.

Launched  on November 1st by the UK Green Building Council (GBC) and in partnership with the Zero Carbon Hub, industry professionals will examine ways of cutting costs and standardising the delivery of sustainable options.

Such infrastructure includes district heating, which provides heat to a number of buildings through combined heat and power or other types of boiler.

Paul King, chief executive of the UK-GBC commented: “In order for developers, utilities and local authorities to rise to the challenge of delivering community scale infrastructure, we need better guidance and standardised arrangements on the legal complexities.

“This new task group will help power up the community infrastructure revolution that the UK needs to reduce emissions from our built environment.”

Indeed, according to utility firm E.ON, a community heating network of 550 homes in Hackney could see a reduction in carbon emissions by up to 25 per cent and heating bills by 23 per cent a year.

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