Building Surveyors the most concerned with job location

surveyorsBuilding Surveyors working in the UK construction industry regard location to be more important than the chance of a promotion when taking a new job. In a survey of 5,724 professionals currently occupying jobs in construction, it was those employed in Building Surveying who are far and away most concerned with where their job is based. When asked what the main reason was for joining their current employer, 14.81% of Building Surveyors stated location, which is an interesting statistic given that only 12.35% joined for the higher salary. The survey elicited responses from over 20 different jobs types, from cad jobs to quantity surveying jobs, who 5.45% and 5.41% prioritised location respectively.

The second highest percentage in the location category are Buyers, of whom 8.62% took their current role because of its location, whilst only 1.59% of Mechanical Engineers are concerned with where there job is. Indeed this lower percentage is a closer representation of the UK construction industry as a whole, with the average at 4.61% of those who plump for location over other factors such as salary, a more senior position or the fact that the role was abroad. The prioritisation of location has not quelled hopes of pay increases amongst Building Surveyors however, with the feeling that pay increases were likely.

The survey, conducted by jobs board CareerStructure, found that in their last pay review 10% of Building Surveyors experienced a decrease in pay, but with the economy starting to recover none of those expect a decrease in their next review. In fact the possible amount of increase is also a cause for optimism; 33.25% experienced a marginal increase of between 1-2% of their current salary, with a reduced amount of 22.22% expecting a similar increase next. Furthermore 24.69% of Building Surveyors expect an increase of between 3% and 10% compared to the 20% who experienced such increases in the past. So whilst Building Surveyors may be prioritising the convenience of their job location over salary and seniority, they don’t expect to lose out in these areas.

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