Good DIY projects ‘should be encouraged’

Carrying out DIY projects to a high standard should be encouraged among homeowners.

According to Jason Orme, editor at Homebuilding & Renovating magazine, home improvements that have been tastefully done are always a good addition to a property.

He explained that when it comes to personalising a home there will always be additions that other people may not like, but for the owner they can be a positive thing.

While some people may not like the idea of additions such as home cinemas, home bars or personal gyms, if they are finished to a high standard they could be an asset to a property – plus they are often features that are easy to remove.

“Reversing previous owners’ so-called design crimes is actually not that difficult to do,” Mr Orme added.

His comments came following a report from the Post Office found that 69 per cent of people aged over 55 would decide against buying a property if current DIY work had been poorly completed.

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