Non-domestic buildings to be zero carbon by 2019

Housing minister Grant Shapps has confirmed that non-domestic newbuilds must be zero carbon by 2019. The news came as part of a wider statement on sustainable buildings, zero carbon homes and the definition of zero carbon.

The UK Green Building Council welcomed the news, with the publication of its own reasearch into non-doemstic newbuild. Paul King, chief executive, commented: “Government deserves a lot credit for sticking to the ambitious timetable for zero carbon. The picture of how this will be achieved is gradually becoming clearer, which is essential to give industry confidence and to drive investment. Confirmation of the 2019 target, for all new non-domestic buildings to be zero carbon, is particularly welcome. Our research for government earlier this year, which we’re able to publish today for the first time, shows that industry is up for this challenge, they just need policy certainty to be able to get on and deliver it.”

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