DIY skills could be gone in 40 years

It is reckoned that the average man will no longer be able to perform basic DIY skills in 40 years time, according to a new report.

Research by AA Home Emergency Response has suggested that the rapid increase in new technologies means that traditional skills will be lost in just four decades.

It found that modern men look to shown off their masculinity through using the most up-to-date gadgets rather than with a hammer or screwdriver.

But it is not just the younger generation who are to blame, as many dads are failing to pass on their home improvement expertise to their children.

AA spokesman Tom Stringer said: “By 2030, just one in five men will receive basic DIY knowledge from their father.”

However, some people are still taking part in DIY tasks, as Chris Barnett, managing director of Scottish bespoke builder Roy Homes, told the Press and Journal recently that more people are becoming interested in self-build projects.

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