Low investment: is it preventing home retrofitting projects

old-housingOne expert reports that a lack of investment is preventing some large-scale retrofitting projects from getting underway.

There are many challenges currently standing in the way of schemes going ahead, explained Mike Reardon, strategic director at the Greater Manchester Environment Commission, although funding is noted as being a key one.

“I think you don’t appreciate the challenges until you get very close to delivery – first of all, securing investment in the absence of public funding,” Mr Reardon said at the recent Retrofit Salford 2011 event.

He added that the reason why there are not reports of cities across the country announcing schemes to work on existing housing stock is that many are struggling to secure funding to carry them out.

The comments were made after the Strategic Forum for Construction recently pledged to encourage workers from all areas of the sector to come together and find methods of making it more environmentally-friendly.

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