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As National Apprenticeship Week is underway, the Government will reaffirm its commitment to raise the budget for supporting placements to £1.4 billion this year, enough to train 350,000 apprentices.

With the price of higher education continuing to soar so the importance and value of apprenticeships grows. The Chartered Institute of Building believes management apprenticeships are a key channel for producing future professionals, with the added benefit that they develop the leadership skills needed in today’s industry.

Chris Blythe CIOB Chief Executive, “Apprenticeships, have their obvious benefits for the industry. But they do something else too. They develop those passing on that knowledge as well. Leadership, communication, and man-management skills are all improved by those who take time to teach others.

“If you look at the top managers, directors, owners and chief executives in our industry you will find they didn’t make it there on their own. And whilst today’s technology gives us greater ability to talk with each other, you can’t replace the personal contact or experience of our industry. The willingness to pass on knowledge and to act as a mentor is what makes the industry so special.”

According to CIOB research undertaken last year construction professionals felt the biggest threat to the future skills agenda was the industry not employing enough apprentices. 52% of those surveyed have experienced a downward trend in apprentice recruitment as a result of the recession.

The findings from this research concluded that the lack of a clear and well-funded apprenticeship scheme is detrimental to the availability of skills within the construction industry. Further information about the CIOB’s research into Skills in the UK Construction Industry can be found at

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