Garden Rooms or Traditional Extensions

imagesGarden Rooms -v- Traditional Extensions Over the last 5 years UK householders have embraced the idea of extending their living space by building in the garden, and the market for garden rooms for use as offices, gyms, home cinemas and guest accommodation has boomed, whilst the rest of the construction industry has declined. But, are garden rooms really comfortable to use all year round, and a genuine alternative to a brick built extension, or are they just glorified sheds? A new survey by The Garden Room Guide, an independent garden room buyers guide, asked the leading garden room suppliers what the u-values of their garden rooms are, the results show that yes, there are some garden rooms that are just glorified sheds, but that many suppliers have designed their garden rooms to meet 2010 Building Regulation u-value targets for new buildings, and in fact many garden rooms actually out perform these target by some way, meaning they are better insulated than a new house! Couple these findings with quick build times, seldom needing planning permission and even being able to take your garden room with you when you move, a fully insulated garden room is a genuine alternative to a brick built extension when you need to gain extra space.

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