Kitchen remodelling ‘remaining popular’

29-brisbane-lissaoak-1Homeowners are still looking to remodel their kitchens despite the economic downturn, according to one expert.

Caroline Wilson, northern regional sales manager at Pik-A-Pak, explained that there is still a high level of demand in the middle and upper regions of the market, although there has been a slight shift.

She explained that people in the centre of the affordability range are now looking to buy most cost effective kitchens than in previous years.

“They are still looking to have the quality products, but just not looking to pay quite as much for it,” Ms Wilson explained.

She added that there has been an emerging trend for colourful kitchens for people who are looking to add an up-to-date range to their property.

People who are planning to have a large remodelling project carried out at home were recently advised by Joe McLoughlin, director of Our Property check that all tradesmen are properly qualified before allowing them to start work.

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