Mobile CAD Surveying Launch New Website

logowhitebackgroundMobile CAD Surveying the market leaders in Mobile Surveying Solutions have recently launched a brand new website. The new site has lots of information on the award winning Sitemaster Building v5 software and this latest version v5 which  is getting rave reviews because of its new room depth feature which can save an enormous amount of time on measured building surveys especially when drawing cellular or orthogonal rooms. But still retains the ability to triangulate any shape of room or building. On the new site are opportunities for those interested to download lots of  FREE trial software book a FREE demonstration online and even upgrade their software from earlier versions or buy support contracts online now. The new ARES CAD engine and the first professional multi platform CAD solution in the World to work on Windows, Linux and MAC is also featured and you can also download a FREE trial of this unique CAD programme. They have also added lots of new surveying equipment and instruments to their range and we are told lots more are being added over the coming weeks and months. One thing they have also featured on the new website is their Measured Building Services, where customers can now obtain a survey quotation online. Their survey services seem to have really taken off over the last couple of years seeing them take on projects all over the UK and into Europe, even completing some recently in Eastern Europe. The site seems to be a very comprehensive location for all things surveying related and will no doubt become a very valuable resource for anyone involved in the Professional end of the Construction Industry and for anyone who is interested in Surveying Services in the future.

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