Viliv N5 – The Go Anywhere PC

Viliv N5 – The Go Anywhere PC now being promoted Because the viliv N5 is a full-powered PC, you won’t have the limitations of other mobile devices. Use the N5 to surf the web-as-you-know it: including Flash, HTML5, and all the rest of the rich web. Install anything you like. Pocket it, and go anywhere. The viliv N5 features a superfine 4.8” WSVGA touchscreen, up to 64GB SSD and an Intel Atom Silverthorne 1.33GHz CPU. From a pocket PC standpoint, the N5 has a surreal (for its size) battery life of 6 hours of actual use. Along with an instant-on feature that allows you to resume Windows 7 from sleep in under five seconds–and remarkable 150-hour standby time–the N5 is unique in being a truly ultraportable device that delivers the full rich web experience. For more information on the Viliv N5 Go Anywhere PC

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